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Welcome to SEAU.org

Thank you for visiting SEAU online!                                                                                     

We hope this site provides useful information for members of our entire community: information for the general public, architects, and programs for parents, teachers, children. Of course, the site has information specifically for current and prospective members of SEAU, as well.

Check the "About SEAU" and "Members" sections for information regarding the association, SEAU's goals, and what structural engineers do.

SEAU does not recomend structural engineers for consulting services, however engineers associated with SEAU are generally more qualified than non-SEAU engineers.

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Upcoming SEAU Conference

Registration is open! Click here for the flyer. The flyer contains links for easy registration. Or click links below for each item you would like to purchase:

Two Day Registration, (2/21-2/22)                 2/21 Only ...... 2/22 Only

2015 NDS $140        ASCE 41-13 $125       AWS D.1. $395       AWS D1.8 $115

Publications available from ICC

NCSEA, SEAOC, and ICC publications relevant to structural engineering are available at ICC member price.  Click here or on the ICC logo to view.


Snow Load Study Sponsorships

To make a Platinum contribution of $2,000 or more, mail a check to SEAU-Snow at our PO Box. Members may make a Gold or Silver Snow Load Study sponsorship contribution by clicking on October 11, 2016 in the adjacent calendar. This will provide the option to order those two sponsorship levels.  If you would just like to make a donation to the study without purchasing one of the three sponsorships, or want a different contribution amount than $500 for the Bronze or $999 for the Silver, you may send a check to SEAU-Snow. Click here for more information.

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SEAU.org is committed to promoting ethical practices. Download our Code of Ethics to review our guidelines for ethical practices.

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