Membership Benefits

Top 10 Benefits of SEAU Membership

Camaraderie and Branch Groups

Perhaps the greatest advantage of membership in SEAU comes from socializing with others in our field.  "I work in a very small office, yet through my membership in SEAU I have become friends with numerous practicing structural engineers.  I am a better engineer because of these friendships.  If I ever have a design question, need for code interpretation, or simply want a colleague’s opinion on a topic I am comfortable calling these associates for help".  Although SEAU is centered in the Salt Lake Valley, it has organized branches in several outlying cities and regions to better serve the engineering community.  The SEAU members that live too far away to attend meetings now have the opportunity to fully participate in SEAU and enjoy the camaraderie with engineers in their area.  The monthly meetings, when possible, are broadcast via the internet.


SEAU sends out a monthly newsletter to all of its members.  The newsletter provides monthly topics from the board of directors, selected committees, as well as a technical article.  The newsletter also lists information on upcoming membership meetings, training events, and other items of interest.  Those who submit articles to be included in the newsletter may receive up to 4.0 continuing education credits from DOPL.

Monthly Meetings

Free monthly membership meetings are organized for SEAU members.  These meetings are typically no more than 2 hours and 1.5 continuing education credits are handed out to all attendees.  The topic for each month’s meeting is described at the back of the previous newsletter.  While education is provided, time is also allotted for refreshments and socializing. 


The SEAU programs committee typically organizes two to three full- or half-day seminars a year where 4.0 to 8.0 continuing education credits are issued to attendees.  SEAU is able to provide these seminars for a reduced fee as they are typically subsidized by DOPL.  As an example, one of the seminars this past year was provided by AISC on steel plate shearwalls and façade attachment.  While the seminar cost to SEAU members was only $120, AISC typically charges $750/person.  

Opening Social 

In the fall of each year, SEAU holds an opening social.  This is usually a dinner event where we are encouraged to bring our significant others.  Some of the past destinations have included the Snowbird Ski Resort, Energy Solutions Arena, Miller Motorsports Park, etc. The opening social provides us the opportunity to prove that engineers know how to have fun. 

Scholarship Golf Tournament 

As part of the opening social activities SEAU organizes an annual golf tournament.  The annual golf tournament raises money for the SEAU scholarship fund to help local engineering students continue their career in structural engineering. 


SEAU currently has 14 active committees that provide several benefits to its members as well as to the public.  All SEAU members are encouraged to participate in one or more of these committees.  DOPL provides up to 8.0 continuing education credits over a two-year period for time spent serving on these committees.


As an organization, SEAU maintains membership with the National Council of Structural Engineer’s Associations (NCSEA) and the Utah Engineers Council (UEC).  By having membership in these organizations SEAU assures that the voice of structural engineers in Utah will be heard.    

“Structure” Magazine

Through SEAU’s membership with NCSEA all SEAU members receive a subscription to “Structure” magazine, which serves as a valuable tool for the practicing structural engineer.  

Value vs Cost 

The current cost of professional membership in SEAU is only $100/year.  Associate membership is $55/year and students pay $10/year.  Most of us have heard the saying “you get what you pay for”, but the benefits of membership in SEAU far surpass the cost of membership.