Membership Types

SEAU is the only professional organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of the structural engineering profession and the pursuit of excellence in engineering work. As a member of SEAU, you become part of an illustrious network of leaders, industry icons and professionals commited to upholding the integrity and honor of the profession. 

Our membership year is June 1 - May 31, and annual fees for each membership type are detailed below.

Section 2.6. Membership Applications

The Membership Committee shall review and have authority to approve all membership applications. The annual dues as in effect from time to time shall be paid upon notification of application approval. Members joining SEAU shall pay dues for the remainder of the current fiscal year based on the date of application according to the following:

(a) Applications received between June 1 and January 31: 100% of dues.
(b) Applications received between February 1 and March 31: 50% of dues.
(c) Dues paid in April or May will be applied toward the fiscal year beginning June 1.


Section 2.7. Change in Grade

Members must change grade when they become eligible for a higher grade. A member shall notify SEAU when such member becomes eligible for a higher grade. Any higher fees shall be applicable at the beginning of the following fiscal year. A member who is eligible for a change in grade, but does not notify the Association, shall be considered “not in good standing” with SEAU and shall forfeit any voting or other rights such member may have with SEAU.

An individual who is a Student grade member shall automatically forfeit his or her membership in SEAU at the end of the fiscal year in which such individual no longer meets the criteria of a Student grade member, unless such individual transfers to another grade of membership.

Types of Memberships

Professional Structural Engineer

$100 SE membership application

  • A Professional SE grade member shall reside in the State of Utah and be a Structural Engineer duly licensed by the State of Utah.

Professional Engineer

$100 PE Membership application

  • A Professional grade member shall reside in the State of Utah and be a Professional Engineer duly licensed by the State of Utah.


$55 Associate application

  • An Associate grade member shall be an individual who at the time of acceptance of his or her application to SEAU shall be regularly engaged for at least four (4) years in structural or related engineering. Graduation in engineering from an accredited college or university with a degree in civil, structural, or related engineering may be considered by the Board as the equivalent to the four (4) years of experience described in this section. An Associate grade member may also be an individual who is a Professional Engineer, but not residing and/or registered in Utah.


$10  student application

  • A Student grade member shall be an individual who at the time of acceptance of his or her application to SEAU is a full-time or part-time undergraduate or full-time (12 hours) graduate student enrolled in an accredited.


$100 affiliate application

  • An Affiliate grade member shall, in the opinion of the Board, be qualified for membership by reason of position, to cooperate with the Association in the advancement of professional knowledge, practice, and welfare. An Affiliate grade member’s connection with the Association shall cease when the individual no longer holds a position qualifying for membership. The number of Affiliates shall be limited to not more than 25% of the total membership.


  • A Life grade membership may be awarded, at the discretion of the Board, to any Professional SE, Professional, or Affiliate grade member who meets all the qualifications given below:
    1. Shall be a current member of SEAU, and

    2. Shall be retired from actively practicing engineering, and

    3. Shall be at least 65 years of age, and

    4. In the opinion of the Board is entitled to

  • Life membership because of special circumstances. A Life member shall have the same privileges associated with the membership grade held at the time of becoming a Life member.


  • An Honorary membership may be awarded by the Board to any person who has achieved eminence in some branch of engineering, or the science related thereto.